Narrow Access Scaffold Tower Hire

At Jackson and Gocher, we offer a variety of high-quality scaffold towers for both commercial and residential projects. Narrow access towers, also known as narrow scaffolding towers or narrow mobile towers, are specialised scaffolding structures designed for use in confined or restricted spaces. They are typically used in situations where standard-sized scaffolding towers cannot fit or manoeuvre due to limited access.

This type of tower scaffold is characterised by its reduced width and compact design, allowing it to be set up in tight spaces such as narrow corridors, stairwells or narrow pathways. These towers are constructed using lightweight yet durable materials such as aluminium or steel, making them easy to transport and assemble. The lightweight design of an aluminium scaffold tower makes them perfect for use as domestic scaffold towers, as they are easy to manoeuvre around homes without causing damage or blocking large areas.

If you are in need of a narrow access scaffolding tower, we have a selection of steel and aluminium scaffold towers available for hire at our Godalming hire centre and throughout Surrey. Take a look at our range below, and feel free to contact us for more details:

Where Are Scaffold Towers Best Suited?

Narrow access scaffold towers are ideal for a variety of purposes, including:

- Maintenance and Renovation: Narrow access towers are commonly used in maintenance and renovation projects, particularly in buildings with limited space where other access equipment cannot reach. They provide a safe and stable platform and ensure safety for workers to carry out tasks such as painting, plastering, electrical work or general maintenance.

- Construction Work: In construction sites with restricted access and uneven ground, self-supporting narrow towers can provide temporary work platforms, enabling contractors to reach elevated areas safely. They are often utilised for tasks like installing fixtures, cladding or performing masonry work in tight spots. 

- Industrial Settings: Narrow access towers find applications in industrial environments, such as factories or warehouses, where space constraints exist. They can facilitate inspection, repair or installation work on equipment, machinery or high shelves within limited areas.

- Event and Exhibition Setup: For events, exhibitions or temporary installations in compact venues, narrow access towers offer a solution to create elevated working height for lighting, audio equipment, signage or camera positions.

Fast Delivery on Affordable Narrow Access Towers

At Jackson and Gocher, we understand the importance of promptly having the right equipment on-site. That's why we offer fast delivery on our narrow-access scaffold towers. Our fast delivery service and expert customer service team ensure that you get the scaffold towers you need when you need them, minimising downtime and keeping your projects on schedule.

Not only do we prioritise speed, but we also focus on affordability. High-quality equipment is crucial for safety and should be accessible to all our customers without breaking the bank. Our competitive pricing on scaffold towers means you get excellent value for your money, meaning you aren't spending your whole budget on equipment. These cheap scaffold towers combined with our swift delivery service, Jackson and Gocher ensure you have the right tools at the right time

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